Anya Goy’s ebook


If you are new to coloring your hair unnatural colors, I highly recommend that you check out Anya Goy’s Any Colour of the Rainbow: The Ultimate Guide to Alternative Hair Colour. It is an ebook full of information and suggestions for lightening hair, coloring, and different techniques for various looks.

Click on the hair tab to view my hair color gallery. The gallery contains photos of my own adventures in creative color, using many of the techniques suggested in The Ultimate Guide.

You can order Anya’s ebook at: www.rainbowhaircolour.com.

The book is easy to read, easy to follow, has lots of visuals to help guide you, product recommendations, equipment list, reviews, etc. What I also found helpful is that there is a page of rainbow colors where she recommends the best productto achieve that color.

Check it out!