I am a writer, artist, teacher, and mother. I live in southern California and enjoy trips out of the city to wander among places closer to nature. However, given contraints on money, time, and energy, I usually do most of my wandering mentally. I visit fantasy worlds through books and visit landscapes through images and desktop wallpaper.

I have 5 children, fraternal triplet girls in high school and a daughter in 5th grade and a son in 2nd. The spread of their age keeps me busy, as do all of their activites, dramas, and ramblings. You would think the triplets would give me the most trouble, but no. It has always been harder to raise the two younger kids. They are far less calm than the triplets were.

My teaching career is focused around elementary science, and I love my job…it is often an escape from the pressures of our loud and constant churning home. My job is difficult and challenging, but rewarding.

My husband and I met in the “mod scene” in San Diego in the 1980’s. We still have our Vespa scooters stashed in the garage gathering dust, plus parts to build more. Having triplets, and then more, took up most of our time. Maybe someday we will bring them back out, dust them off, and get them going. No doubt the kids will, at some point, request to give it a go!